Urolithin A

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Urolithin A (UA) Is a Gut Microbiome-Derived Compound with Health Benefits for Aging and Diseases. Several dietary products contain the natural polyphenols ellagitannins (ETs) and ellagic acid (EA). Upon ingestion of such foods, ETs and EA are metabolized into UA by the microflora in the large intestine.

What is Urolithin A

Urolithin A is a compound formed by gut bacteria by transforming polyphenols like ellagitannins. Consumption of foods rich in Ellagic Acid and ellagitannins increases the production of urolithin A in the body since both are its precursors. Urolithin A has been a subject of interest for scientists for over two decades in terms of its potential benefits for the human body.

Recent research has shown that urolithin A can help improve mitochondrial health. The way it helps mitochondrial health is by removing damaged mitochondria from the body through a process called mitophagy.

Urolithin A is unique in the fact that not everyone is capable of producing it naturally in their body. Urolithins A is produced in the stomach. However, some people’s microbiomes lack the bacteria that produce the substance.

Urolithin A supplements can ensure that those who cannot make urolithins A on their own can have the substance replenished in their system for all the necessary processes. Even the people who have microbiomes capable of producing urolithin A can benefit from urolithin A supplementation.

Urolithin A is important for many processes in the body. One of the most important processes that urolithin A participates in is recycling faulty mitochondria during aging. Urolithin A helps in the recycling process that takes uses faulty mitochondria to replace them with new healthier ones.

Benefits of Urolitin a

Since urolithin A is found in a range of tissues, it is theorized that it will impact many organs and systems in mice, cells, worms, and humans. Some of the benefits of urolithin A have been discussed in this section in detail.

  • Mitophagy – One of the most important benefits of urolithin A is that it helps with a process called mitophagy.
  • Neuroprotection Against Cognitive Diseases – Another benefit of urolithin A is its ability to slow down the onset of cognitive diseases by reducing brain inflammation.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits – A 2021 meta-study has shown that urolithin A can work as a potent anti-inflammatory agent in animal studies. Urolithin A has also shown an ability to provide anti-inflammatory benefits in preventing immunometabolic diseases.

  • Anti-Aging Benefits – As mentioned before, urolithin A helps improve mitophagy and mitochondrial health, two significant hallmarks of aging. Having looked at the extensive benefits of urolithin A in improving these hallmarks, it can be concluded that the supplement can be a candidate for anti-aging aid. The evidence for its anti-inflammatory also helps make its case for an anti-aging drug.