Scream Cream

5ml bottle


Scream Cream is a custom-blended prescription cream designed to reignite your sex drive and take your pleasure to new heights. This topical cream works by dilating blood vessels and increasing oxygen circulation. Your brain and vagina both “awaken” with a burst of energy.

What is Scream Cream?

Scream Cream is a topical cream that when applied to the clitoris or external genitalia can have dramatic results. It has been reported that only 25% of women achieve orgasm from sexual intercourse, and even with clitoral stimulation that number only increases to 43%, but when incorporating Scream Cream it can make all the difference.

How does Scream Cream work?

Women have reported substantially increased libido, intensity of orgasm, and also vaginal lubrication. The cream is made of multiple medications (l-Citrulline, Aminophylline, Ergoloid Mesylate, and Pentoxifylline), but the primary mechanism of action is substantial vasodilation to the area of application which increases sensitivity. Topically apply to clitoris and/or external genitalia.

How does scream Cream make you feel?

The cream will absorb within a few minutes and you should start feeling a warming or tingling sensation starting after a few minutes to 30 minutes after application. These sensations and the effects of the medication tend to wear off after about 2 hours, but effect times may vary from person to person.

Does Scream cream have hormones?

Scream Cream comprises three medicinal ingredients. These components are: ex enhancing hormone, one bronchodilator, and two vasodilators. The medication includes Aminophylline, L-Arginine, Sildenafil-citrate.

Patient Benefits:

  • Non-greasy application
  • Little systemic absorption, no drug interactions with other medications
  • Fast acting, apply 30 mins prior to sexual contact