Precisely Delivered Platelet-Rich Plasma to Treat Shoulder Pain

At Regen Doctors we offer the latest in regenerative medicine to treat a wide range of injuries and pain, ranging from those that come from the wear and tear of aging to damage sustained in sports and other activities. Some treatments can heal the affected tissues, others manage the pain and discomfort. Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is one of those used to address conditions such as joint pain and disorders as well as injuries by sending concentrated healing factors to the affected area to promote regeneration.

Shoulder Pain Examination and Treatments at Regen Doctors 

We use our shoulders to carry weight and they are capable of a wide array of motion thanks to their complex and elegant design, but they are also vulnerable to injury and pain. Those who engage in physical labor or athletic activities and workouts can get injuries that cause shoulder pain. 

At Regen Doctors, regenerative specialist Dr. Gene Levinstein is here to help. The Regen Doctors team offers safe and effective treatment options for shoulder pain to ensure patients get the best possible outcomes. These include PRP injections that can reduce shoulder pain and restore its movement and functions.

If a case of shoulder pain is connected to other underlying issues, patients may need further examination by the Regen Doctors specialist team to narrow down the cause of the condition. A clear diagnosis is crucial in order to determine appropriate and effective treatments.

Upon visiting Regen Doctors, patients will be questioned in order to determine the issue they are experiencing and also examined. Following this, a proper course of treatment is created and can vary from addressing posture to surgery.

Take the first step to a life free from pain and discomfort. Reach out to Regen Doctors for a consultation and examination. 

PRP for Shoulder Pain

This treatment can be used for joint issues such as shoulder pain. PRP shoulder injections can be an alternative to surgery. We draw a concentrated blood sample which contains platelets, growth factors, and pro-healing/regenerative substances, and use this to treat the affected area of the body. 

When platelets are activated they play a key role in the healing of tissues including tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. The goal is not only to relieve symptoms but also to create actual healing. In some cases, PRP may reduce or even prevent the need for medication and/or surgery. 

Ultrasound or X-ray guidance is utilized for precise placement at the injury site, which promotes improved treatment outcomes. It is an outpatient procedure performed at a medical facility with local anesthetic. Most people will complain of shoulder fullness rather than pain. 

As PRP is prepared from the patient’s own blood, the risk of reaction is low. Pain relief typically starts to occur within three to four weeks after the injection. 

We have patients with long standing histories of shoulder arthritis, chronic rotator cuff tear affecting their daily routines including any overhead activity, getting dressed, lifting and carrying. With PRP treatment, they can experience not only relief from pain but also healing and restoration of functions. 


Want to learn more about regenerative medicine and treatments such as PRP? Reach out to our team at Regen Doctors. Our team of experts will help you determine the best treatment option and provide a personalized care plan so you can live your life to the fullest!

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