NAD+ Therapy

Your greatest asset is a healthy body. Thus, taking great care of it is your top priority. One of the best ways to do so is to replenish and revive it through NAD+ therapy. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme and derivative of Vitamin B3 that is found in every cell in your body.

Replenish and Revive Your Body

NAD+ acts as the building block of a healthy body and brain. It does it by fueling metabolic reactions associated with energy production in the mitochondria of each cell. This assists your body with DNA repair, energy production, cell signaling, food metabolization, neurotransmitter production, and much more. It plays a crucial role in cellular metabolism and is tasked with structuring, repairing, and remodeling every cell in the body. These specialized enzymes need constant replenishment in the body. NAD IV therapy helps to replenish these drained enzymes and target brain restoration. 

NAD+ levels decrease with age. This decline leads to fatigue, depression, addiction, a weak immune system, and other chronic conditions. To combat the side effects of the decrease in this coenzyme, you can receive NAD+ infusions that may help you live a healthier, higher quality of life. They can assist you in finding relief from depression and anxiety, boosting your brainpower, relieving chronic pain, and restoring your overall health and sense of well-being. 

Along with these benefits, the increased energy efficiency of NAD+ may enhance your health by helping the cells work at their peak. You could find that NAD+ infusions improve your life. Many chronic diseases that affect individuals develop when the body is in an energy-deficient cellular milieu. The biological tools for evaluating mitochondrial activity have improved. More than a hundred illnesses now have a significant mitochondrial component. Sedentary lifestyles, age, overeating, and drug abuse are all connected to a decline in the efficiency of the mitochondria and cellular energy processes. NAD therapy is used to treat chronic tiredness, fibromyalgia, and alcohol abuse.

NAD IV Therapy for Drug Detox

NAD IV program eases the discomfort of withdrawal, reduces cravings, produces a mind and body cellular restoration, and speeds up the detox process. When a person stops taking drugs, their brain will eventually heal and rebuild lost receptors and neurotransmitters. However, this process can take a long time and may be physically or emotionally difficult for the patient and their family. NAD IV Therapy significantly speeds up this natural healing process. It does this by bathing the brain with amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients.

NAD+ Treatment

NAD+ infusions can last anywhere from one to 12 days, depending on your dose and treatment plan. Though they can be given as a single NAD infusion, we offer physician and pharmacy-formulated treatment programs that can provide you with the most significant benefits of NAD+. At the same time, we also assist you in meeting your health and wellness goals. NAD Therapy is a relatively recent addition to the realm of recovery. While many clinics praise NAD’s effectiveness, the treatment has not been on the market long enough for anyone to decide on its long-term effects.

Here’s a brief overview of these treatment plans:

Anti-Aging/General Rejuvenation NAD+ Therapy

This IV infusion activates enzymes called "sirtuins in the bloodstream, promoting your genes' positive aspects, facilitating improved overall health, and reducing the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Opiate and Alcohol Detox

NAD+ therapy's cell rejuvenation process can drastically reduce drug dependence by rejuvenating the opiate receptors. This can improve brain chemistry and replenish nutrients reduced by substance abuse. NAD IV program eases the discomfort of withdrawal, reduces cravings, produces a mind-body cellular restoration, and speeds up the detox process.

Mood & Anxiety Disorder Therapy

During the intravenous treatment, NAD+ molecules work to quickly repair cells throughout the body and neurons in the brain. This boost in cell function can cause a drastic improvement in depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

The brain's oxygen requirements cannot be satisfied without adequate NAD, and cognitive function suffers. NAD IV infusion can improve attention and mental clarity while protecting the brain against neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

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