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The aging process can be difficult for many, particularly if it causes age related diseases to arise or exacerbates pre-existing ones. Joint pain, hair loss, cosmetic changes of the skin are among the more prominent signs of aging. Moreover, menopause and andropause bring with them their fair share of symptoms as well. But now, you don’t have to grit your teeth and bear these symptoms anymore. 

Regen Doctors in Allentown, Pennsylvania offers a variety of anti-aging and longevity treatments for patients that go beyond cosmetically reversing superficial signs of age. Dr. Gene Levinstein and his team go further with therapeutic modalities that genuinely rejuvenate the body and its functions. Anti-aging and longevity in Regen Doctors is more than just skin deep, with procedures that can even revitalize patients down to the cellular level.

Anti-Aging is Pro-Lifespan
and Pro-Vitality

While the term “anti-aging” conjures images of airbrushed fashion models, it does not really capture what it means to look and feel young. At Regen Doctors, we have redefined “anti-aging.” A better term for anti-aging treatments would be pro-lifespan and pro-vitality as they capture what it means to be young –  feeling healthy, agile, and able to live life to the fullest. After all, what’s the point of living longer and looking younger if you can’t enjoy life like younger people do? 

We tailor our anti-aging therapy with our new perspective on anti-aging. Regen Doctors implements regenerative anti-aging medicine regimens that extend cellular health, repair damaged tissue and rejuvenate the body. To provide patients with personalized care and meet their specific needs, Dr. Gene Levinstein and his team of experts utilize an array of treatments and procedures using cutting edge technology as well as time-tested methods.

Anti-aging treatments and procedures

TruAge™ Testing

The most accurate biological age predictor that provides an accurate picture of the state of patients’ bodies by using epigenetic analysis. By measuring biomarkers, TruAge™ gauges cellular age, genetic health and how likely a patient is to develop specific diseases or conditions. This process can even determine potential lifespan. With this information, doctors will be able to address patients’ health concerns in an individualized way, treating specific conditions and potential problems proactively, and thus improving patient health outcomes.

PRP and Stem Cell Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma and stem cells are leading treatments in the new and expanding field of regenerative medicine, treating injury, chronic pain, arthritis and other conditions associated with wear and tear and aging. PRP and stem cell injections address joints, the spine, tendons, ligament and muscle tears, as well as athletic injuries. PRP is drawn from patients’ own blood and undergoes a distillation process resulting in the concentrated doses of growth factors and pro-healing regenerative elements. 

Stem cells are harvested from bone marrow or fatty tissue and injected to areas that need treatment – these cells have the ability to develop into specialized types of cells that match those at the treatment site. Both PRP and stem cells have been shown to have anti-aging properties and have been used by doctors to prevent ageing.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are naturally-occurring amino acids in the body that have a variety of benefits such as resolving hormone imbalances, boosting energy, strengthening the immune syste, enhancing mental clarity, reducing inflammation, and so much more. Regen Doctors’ peptide therapy is a treatment that helps patients feel younger and improves their overall health and wellness.

Hormone Therapy

The body’s hormones are crucial in maintaining health and wellness. However, as the years go by and as age takes its toll, the body’s capacity to create hormones may diminish and their levels may become imbalanced. This leads to a variety of unpleasant symptoms including mood changes, weight gain and other health complications. 

So to help patients stay healthy and happy as they age, Dr. Levinstein provides hormone replacement therapy that allows them to maintain natural hormone levels.

Pain Management, Joint and Spinal Procedures

Interventional pain management at Regen Doctors involves comprehensive diagnostic and treatment programs aimed at not only reducing the pain patients are currently experiencing but also to help them manage future pain and thus improve their quality of life. These can involve procedures targeting specific areas of joints or the spine in order to reverse or alleviate complications that are causing pain.

Tailoring Anti-Aging and Longevity Plan for Individual Patients

Each patient is unique. Each person’s body has its own quirks and differences depending on genetic factors and the lives they have lived. These are even more apparent when examining them on a cellular level. So to ensure optimum outcomes, Dr. Levinstein and Regen Doctors’ team of experts must tailor their treatments to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Diagnostic procedures from simple blood tests to TruAge can provide much needed information so that Dr. Levinstein and his team can calibrate their plans and pick the best therapies or procedures possible. This process is a collaborative one involving the patient themselves, because they know their bodies best. So not only will the team be able to better treat existing conditions, they can also prevent future ones from arising, and ensure each patient can live the best life possible. 

Interested in anti-aging and longevity medicine? Take the first step to a healthier, fuller life. Reach out to Regen Doctors in Allentown, Pennsylvania to schedule a consultation.


If you have any questions or are simply looking for more information please contact us and our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions and help in any way we can. 

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