Joint and Spinal Treatment at Regen Doctors

Joint and spinal pain is the most common reason why Americans seek treatment. Worse yet, it is the leading cause of disability. The National Institute of Health’s findings show that: 

– Chronic pain can lead to long-term disability

– Pain conditions are varied and require a wide array of treatments

– Pain also impedes treatments for cancer and can cause or exacerbate other conditions or diseases such as traumatic brain injury, PTSD or depression

Get Relief with Interventional Pain Management at Regen Doctors 

By choosing interventional pain management at Regen Doctors, you will embark on a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment program aimed at not only reducing the pain you are currently experiencing but also to help you manage future pain and thus improve your quality of life. 

With interventional pain management, we provide personalized treatment, caring for each patient’s individual needs so that both symptoms and the underlying causes of pain are addressed.

The goal of interventional pain management is to help patients return to their daily physical activities and restore or maintain independence and autonomy sooner. Ideally they will also no longer need pain medications. Our expert team of physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals will help you find relief from acute or chronic pain as quickly as possible. 

Patient-Tailored Treatment 

For joint and spinal pain, there are a variety of treatments that can cure pain or prevent it from returning. Regen Doctors provides an array of treatments that include:

– Chiropractic care

– Physical therapy

– Peptide therapy

– Joint and spine procedures

We also utilize orthobiologic therapy, which is a field of regenerative medicine that encompasses technologies such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell infusions. These are cutting edge technologies that stimulate the body’s own regenerative capabilities and can repair damaged or injured tissues. 

Most of these treatments are designed to help the body heal itself, thus preventing future pain. The optimal goal of treatment is to enable patients to regain capability and live independent lives, ideally without the need for medication. Addressing the root causes and promoting healing is the primary objective and is the best way to improve a patient’s quality of life. 

Which treatment is ideal for an individual depends on their unique needs, which Regen Doctors will ascertain. This is a collaborative process involving and centering on the patient, a tailored treatment plan to ensure optimum outcomes.


If you have any questions or are simply looking for more information please contact us. Schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a better life free of pain!