Get an Accurate Picture of Your Health with TruAge™ Testing

Dr. Gene Levinstein utilizes TruAge™ testing to get an extremely accurate picture of his patient’s conditions, up to the genetic and cellular level.

TruAge™ is the most accurate, revolutionary, biological age predictor. Biological age is a measurement of your age, based on biomarkers, not just the years you’ve been alive. Cutting-edge epigenetics science allows Regen Doctors to measure age by tracking a natural process of human DNA called methylation that corresponds with the state of the body’s cells and tissues.

Dr. Levinstein and his team of experts use this clearer picture of the state of a patient’s body to help better determine optimal treatment plans for each patient. At Regen Doctors in Allentown, Pennsylvania, we provide a variety of rejuvenative and anti-age treatment modalities. These include:

Platelet-Rich plasma infusions

PRP therapy involves extracting a patient’s blood, processing it to concentrate platelets, growth factors, and other beneficial components, and then injecting the PRP back into specific areas of the body. This technique promotes tissue repair, accelerates healing, and stimulates natural rejuvenation processes.

Stem cell infusions

Stem cell therapy utilizes the regenerative potential of stem cells to enhance healing and rejuvenation. Stem cells can be obtained from various sources, such as adipose tissue or bone marrow, and are then administered to target areas of the body. They can promote tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation, and support overall wellness.

Peptide therapy

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that play essential roles in various bodily functions. Peptide therapy involves the use of specific peptides to address specific health concerns, such as boosting collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity, improving cognitive function, or supporting hormone balance.

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) aims to restore hormonal balance in individuals experiencing imbalances or deficiencies. By prescribing and administering bioidentical hormones, HRT can help alleviate symptoms associated with hormonal changes, such as menopause or andropause, and promote overall well-being.

Thanks to the accurate epigenetic information provided by TruAge Testing, we can make our individualized treatment plans even more effective in meeting each patient’s specific needs and goals.

TruAge™ Testing Assesses Health at a Genetic Level

TruAge™ testing gauges how the body ages and experiences wear and tear, providing a more accurate measurement of how youthful or… matured the body has become. It’s definitely more precise than the candles on your birthday cake.

But aside from the impact of the years themselves, there are other factors that affect how genes perform. These include:

* Nutrition

* Smoking

* Alcohol Consumption

* Behavior

* Stress

* Physical Activity

* Working Habits

* Exposures

* Stressors

TruAge™ can also detect the effects of these factors, which is why it is so useful for regenerative medicine. It can pinpoint the real state of the body so longevity and anti-aging therapies can be maximized.

The crux of regenerative medicine is that biological age and age-related disease can be reversed or mitigated to enhance quality of life. With TruAge™ we can gauge initial biological age and track how lifestyle changes and treatments are affecting and improving biological age, showing progress such as reducing risk of diseases and death.

So don’t let your age trick you into thinking there is nothing you can do. Because you CAN fight aging and rejuvenate yourself. At Regen Doctors, Dr. Gene Levinstein will gauge your TruAge™ and devise a treatment plan that will make you feel younger.


Dr. Gene Levinstein at Regen Doctors in Allentown, Pennsylvania, utilizes TruAge™ testing to gain a highly accurate understanding of his patients’ conditions, down to the genetic and cellular level. TruAge™ is an innovative biological age predictor that measures age based on biomarkers and epigenetics science. It tracks DNA methylation, a natural process in human DNA that reflects the state of the body’s cells and tissues. With this comprehensive insight into a patient’s body, Dr. Levinstein and his team can develop optimized treatment plans.

Regen Doctors offer various rejuvenating and anti-aging treatment modalities, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) infusions, stem cell infusions, peptide therapy, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). TruAge™ testing enables the identification of an individual’s biological age and helps track the effectiveness of treatments and lifestyle changes in improving it. Regen Doctors aims to provide personalized treatment plans that combat aging and enhance overall well-being.

To explore the benefits of TruAge™ testing, individuals can reach out to Regen Doctors in Allentown, Pennsylvania, for a consultation.